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Microsoft Windows Server volume licenses – experience the benefits of Windows Server Standard and Datacenter. With Windows Se …

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Microsoft Office volume licenses – use the advantages of a volume license for Office Standard, ProPlus and for your Mac. The …

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Microsoft Exchange Server volume licenses – be more productive from almost everywhere – with your work emails on your own servers.

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Microsoft Volume Licenses for business customers

We are your specialist for Microsoft volume licensing
For your Security…

  • Audit-proof Remarketed Microsoft Volume License
  • We guide you through Microsoft audit situations
  • We´re happy to assist you regarding Licensing with our expert knowledge
  • Available via phone, e-mail and live chat!

Only from us…

  • Remarketed Volume Licenses with a certified transfer process for Licenses
  • Officially verified and confirmed by TÜV IT Germany
  • We provide you our Online License Portal
  • We provide you a License Transfer via Block chain Technology with special Security Features!

Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and a lot more…

Our advice:
With Remarketed Licenses we could offer you an huge advantage at the Price of Microsoft OPEN Licenses for your procurement. There are possible savings of up to 40% on actual licenses and savings of up to 50% on previous versions.

Please note, that remarketed Licenses can´t be integrated to Microsoft´s VLSC Portal, but from a technical and legal point of view it´s not necessary that the Licenses have to be shown at Microsoft´s Portal. We provide you as alternative our free Online Licensing Management Portal and taking care that our Licenses are comply with the rules of the highest European Court!

Please bear in mind:

Remarketed Volume Licenses got the same rights as they have with the first-time buyer (especially regarding Online Updates, Licensing Rights, etc.)!

If you want to know more please feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail or live chat!


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